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Multilin M60
Motor Protection System

The M60 motor protection system offers comprehensive protection and control solutions for medium to large-sized three-phase motors. The M60 provides superior protection, control, and diagnostics that include thermal model with RTD and current unbalance biasing, stator differential, reverse and low forward power, external RRTD module, two-speed motors, reduced voltage starting, broken rotor bar detection, and more.

Key Benefits

  • Improved protection sensitivity through a flexible and powerful thermal model including standard, custom, and voltage dependent overload curves
  • Advanced IEC61850 Ed. 2 certified implementation, complete settings via SCL files and IEC 61850-9-2 process bus solution enable resource and platform managing optimization and reduce cost of ownership
  • Routable GOOSE (R-GOOSE) enables GOOSE messages going beyond the substation, which enables wide area protection and control applications
  • Simplified programming with the EnerVista™ M60 motor settings autoconfigurator
  • Robust network security enabling Critical Infrastructure Protection through user command logging, and dual permission access control
  • Application flexibility with multiple I/O options including high density I/O, programmable logic, modularity, and specific customization
  • High-end fault and disturbance recording
  • Reduced relay-to-relay wiring and associated costs through high-speed inter-relay communications
  • Enhanced motor-learned data provides critical information for preventative maintenance
  • Supports latest edition of waveform capture (COMTRADE 2013) simplifying fault records management
  • An integrated large, full color display, provides real-time visualization and control of the protected bay, via a bay mimic as well as annunciator functionality and graphical visualization of phasors


  • Protection and control of medium to large thee-phase induction motors of the most popular construction types
  • Automation or process control functionality
  • Protection of medium to large synchronous motors when paired with the SPM
  • Stand-alone protection or component in automated substation control systems

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Multilin M60

  • Nhà sản xuất: GE
  • Mã sản phẩm: Multilin-M60
  • Tình trạng: Còn hàng
  • 999 VND

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